The EU directive on European Works Councils provides for a “Special Negotiating Body” to be established made up of employee representatives from all the EEA member states where the group or company has employees. See EWCs in Depth for more information on the composition of the SNB and its role.

The directive allows the SNB to request assistance from experts of its choice to carry out its role negotiating with central management for the establishment of a European Works Council. The SNB is free to choose what expertise it wants, and it can also be assisted by representatives of competent recognised Community-level trade union organisations, such as IndustriALL or UNI Europa.  Experts and trade union representatives are allowed to be present at negotiation meetings between the SNB and company management in an advisory capacity, if the SNB wants them there.

The company is required to pay the costs of one expert adviser.


ProVizon provides expert advice to Special Negotiating Bodies

We provide on-going support and advice to the Special Negotiating Body throughout the negotiations, in accordance with the EWC directive and the relevant national legislation.

This includes advising on:

  • The contents of the agreement
  • What other EWC agreements say on key issues
  • The implications of failing to reach an agreement
  • Procedural requirements for taking valid decisions
  • Taking account of Brexit in the agreement
  • Preparing for negotiating meetings with management
  • Negotiating tactics and strategy

Please contact us if you have any questions, would like further information, or would like a quote for advising and supporting your Special Negotiating Body.