European Works Councils have existed for more than 25 years.   There are now over 1,000 EWCs and more than 20,000 EWC members representing the interests of millions of workers around Europe (source:, EWC database of the ETUI).

Thanks to the EU’s European Works Councils directive, workers have the right to be informed and consulted about significant developments their employers are planning, EWC meetingand to discuss them with senior management through their representatives on the company’s European Works Council.

EWC members also have the right to receive training and expert advice to help them carry out their work, and to ensure that consultation is effective and efficient.

ProVizon exists to help EWCs members carry out their role as worker representatives, and to help EWCs fulfil their potential.  We provide training and on-going support to European Works Council members and to Special Negotiating Bodies.  We have helped the EWCs at companies including Aon, easyJet, EdF Energy, Emerson, GE Aviation, International Paper, RBS, Ricoh, RSA and Thomas Cook.   We also support and train SE works councils at European Companies (Societas Europaea).

Please visit EWCs in Depth to learn more about European Works Councils – what they are, what they do, and how to set one up.  Check out EWC News to see what’s going on in the world of European Works Councils.    Go to Advice to find out more about how we can help you, or visit the Training page for details of our training programmes for EWC and SNB reps.  Please Contact us if you would like more information or for a quote to provide training or advice.


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